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Rehearsals are often not needed, particularly if you are having a simple, standard ceremony or if the
bridal party is comprised of few people. Even if you plan to have a rehearsal, my attendance is not
necessarily needed - I know where to stand!  If your venue has a site coordinator, then they may be
able to handle things without my presence.

A rehearsal is helpful if the processional is complex or involves many people or if there are young
children in the bridal party. And in some cases, I may insist upon a rehearsal that I am a part of. I
can assure you that I am very good at running fun, efficient rehearsals! I want to make sure that
your ceremony flows in the exact ways that you and I have discussed, so if you want me there,
just ask...  For any rehearsal, please make sure that everyone who is needed will be present and
that any props (flower basket, unity candles, etc.) are ready to go.

If your entire bridal party includes 6 or more people and there is no event coordinator at your site,
I reserve the right to REQUIRE having at least a mini-rehearsal.

$50 Mini Rehearsal:
Takes place 30-60 minutes beforehand on the day of the wedding and lasts just 15-20 minutes. It is
a very quick run-through.

$75 Standard Rehearsal:
Lasts no more than 30 minutes and takes place any day prior to the ceremony. Please keep in mind
that if there are mileage charges for the ceremony, you will need to include those mileage charges if I
need to make an additional trip for the rehearsal.

$100 Extended Rehearsal:
If you’ve got members of your bridal party who are notoriously late or a particularly complex
ceremony – you may want to book my services for an extended rehearsal of up to 1-1/2 hours.

Exclusive Booking Rights: $200
Having exclusive booking rights gives some brides the peace of mind that I have no other
commitments on that day, especially if you’re concerned that your ceremony may not start on
time. This could also allow for a full rehearsal (up to 1-1/2 hours) on the day of the wedding, at any
time after 9 a.m. but sooner than two hours before the scheduled ceremony start time, as well as
saying a blessing at the reception (if desired). Time limit of exclusivity is 8 hours for me to be at
your location.

Extra Time: $50 per hour
This extra hour is helpful if you are worried that your ceremony may not start on time, or if you
just want the extra peace of mind of having your officiant arrive earlier than usual or stay later.
Extra time is only available in one-hour increments and must be arranged in advance. The officiant
reserves the right to refuse this option.


* I reserve the right to make changes to any prices or services offered at any time.
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