Wedding Services and Fees
No matter which package you choose, please take a moment to fill out this
questionnaire (you can complete this Google form or download the Word doc
here and email it or snail mail it to me) so that I have a better opportunity to
get "acquainted" with the two of you!

Yes I perform same-sex marriages!

Elopement/Basic Package:  $100
Ideal for the couple who wants a quick, private wedding ceremony. Why go to the Justice of the Peace
when you can get married in the privacy of your own home or backyard?

This is a simple, pre-written ceremony performed at your site. No preliminary meetings or rehearsal.  
Basic elements include a brief introduction, a brief oration about marriage, exchange of simple vows,
optional giving of rings, pronouncement of marriage, and filing of marriage license to the appropriate
authorities. 8 guest maximum. If you want any customization, the fee will increase accordingly.

Standard Package:  $200
For the couple who is seeking a simple wedding ceremony. Choose your ceremony from three or four
samples. It includes a more elaborate section for the vows and ring exchange than the Basic Package.
This ceremony does not contain any of the elements that bring other people into the ceremony (i.e.
giving flowers to mothers, readings by friends, etc.), or that add symbolism and/or cultural richness (i.e.
Unity Candles, sand ceremony, breaking the glass, sharing wine/water/food, jumping the broom,
religious elements, etc.), though one of these options could be added for an additional $25 fee. If more
than one element is desired, you should consider the Semi-Customized or Customized packages.
Religious or non-religious. Since this ceremony is not personalized, it does not require preliminary work
or meeting with the couple. Rehearsal optional. Includes limited emails and telephone consultations and
filing of the marriage license.


NOTE ON CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES:  The level of customization needed and changes that occur
can be avoided by preparation on your part. Please read through any materials that I send to you and
discuss with your partner, in a general way, what you feel about what you want. This will help give
me some direction when discussing your special ceremony. Once you receive the script, walk through
it and see if I’ve addressed all the aspects you want to include. This is the time to make corrections
and/or additions. Later changes involve more preparation and, thus, an increased fee.

Do-It-Yourself/Semi-Custom Package:  $250
For the couple who is interested in putting together their own custom ceremony, but needs a little
direction. You can create your own ceremony using my extensive collection of vows, ceremonies and
readings, and follow the outline I provide. I recommend this option only if you are comfortable with
your own ability to put together a complete wedding ceremony using the resources I provide. I will
provide minor editing of your “rough draft”, turning it into a beautiful, custom ceremony. Your final
approval must be received no later than two weeks prior to the ceremony or additional charges may be
incurred. Includes limited emails and telephone consultations to decide what elements you want in your
ceremony, final customization of your ceremony script and filing of the marriage license.

Custom Package:  $300
For the couple who is seeking a more personalized wedding ceremony. Your final approval must be
received no later than two weeks prior to the ceremony or additional charges will be incurred. Includes
unlimited emails and telephone consultations to decide what elements you want in your ceremony,
custom ceremony script, and filing of the marriage license.

All customized ceremonies start at this level. Increases in level and cost come about only if either 1)
ongoing changes require ongoing work, or 2) I am given less than three weeks to prepare a complex
ceremony. All customized ceremonies also include my expertise in coordinating what occurs at the
ceremony. I work with your attendants, family, friends, service providers, and/or various site
coordinators to make sure that there is a smooth flow from before the ceremony starts to its conclusion.
This is the time for you to relax!

Extreme Customized Package:  $500
Some people want and need to be in very frequent “control” of all aspects of their wedding and have
frequent contact with me. Others want to create a ceremony that is so complex, so different, or so
unusual that it is obvious to everyone that there can never ever be another such ceremony. You know
who you are.  If this is the case, this is the level you should be thinking of. Please call me for details.


Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony:  $200 and up
A vow renewal is a ceremony in which an already-married couple re-affirms their love for one another
and their commitment to their marriage by either repeating their original wedding vows or by reciting
new vows. Many times, a renewal is held on a significant anniversary as part of the anniversary
celebration. Or it may be brought on by the end of a hard time in the marriage, the overcoming of a
personal hurdle, a change in lifestyle, etc. Still others want a formal renewal ceremony following a civil
ceremony or elopement. This may be the only opportunity to have their commitment to one another
blessed and/or witnessed and celebrated by their family and friends (usually when budget, pregnancy or
other circumstances warranted a small wedding). Because a vow renewal is not a legal ceremony, there
are fewer do’s and don’t’s than in a wedding ceremony. For more tips,
click here.

Yes, I will perform your commitment services.  This service is a recognition of the love you have for
your life partner. A commitment service is the same as a "traditional" wedding with one exception -
there is no marriage license. A commitment ceremony is also available with all the packages listed above.

* I reserve the right to make changes to any prices or services offered at any time.
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Holiday Weddings
Dates that fall on a holiday
listed below are subject to
an additional $100 fee

New Years Weekend
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Labor Day (& weekend)
4th of July (& weekend)
Memorial Day (& weekend)
Thanksgiving Weekend
Christmas Weekend
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